Culture That Works

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Ebook that breaks a tough subject down into actionable ideas.

2013, Culture That Works LLC. 47 pages. Many of us are envious of the cool organizational cultures that companies like Google, Zappos, and Netflix have created, but we’re missing an important point. Culture is not about being cool or even about having happy employees. It is about reinforcing what drives the success of the enterprise, and subsequently being able to adapt the culture (sometimes one process at a time) as markets and internal dynamics shift. In this ebook, I’ll show you how to do that. The book includes a clear definition of organizational culture and has suggestions for next steps for BOTH the "let's write up a culture change plan" types and the types that just want to start changing things and roll with it. 

Nice job of clearly and concisely framing up a very challenging topic for many. I loved it.

Mike Cavanaugh, CEO, American Animal Hospital Association
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