A strong culture delivers amazing business results, and it will help you attract the best of the Millennial generation (soon to be the largest segment of the workforce). A good first step is our Millennial Alignment exercise, where you’ll figure out if your organization is aligned with where the Millennial generation is already headed.

Step One: Survey

It starts with an online survey that your staff can complete in about fifteen minutes (you can even pilot it with a single team). The results will give you some key internal benchmarking metrics, ratings on our four key cultural capacities (plus 16 sub-dynamics), and a gap analysis based on what drives your success. The quantitative data can be enhanced with some optional qualitative questions about culture strength, allowing for a richer analysis.

Step Two: Report

The report will give you a complete picture of how your culture is aligned with today's Millennial era, including the benchmarking metrics, the ratings of both core capacities and sub-dynamics, and the gap analysis. We'll also provide an analysis of the individual questions for more nuanced insights. The appendix of the report provides a breakdown of the results by organizational level and by generation. 

Optional: Half-Day Workshop

If you're interested, we can take it to the next level with a half-day workshop where we will facilitate some group analysis and interpretation of the survey results. We can do this with just the management team, or if you’re ready to jump in with both feet, you could consider a multi-level, cross-functional work group--it’s your call. You'll be able to apply the insights from the survey to your actual operating environment and start the action planning.

    Start to finish, the core version of the Millennial Alignment exercise can be completed in a matter of weeks.

    Contact us to see a sample report and get the ball rolling on a culture that makes sense in today's world.