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Culture That Works LLC is open for business! 

Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant have been collaborating for several years on the intersection of social media and leadership. Maddie is a digital strategist and Lead Editor for SocialFish, a well-known industry blog focusing on social media for associations and nonprofits, and Jamie has been consulting to organizations on issues of leadership, conflict, and strategy for more than fifteen years. In 2009 they started to work together on the idea of the “social organization,” acknowledging that social media changing more than just marketing and communications—it was challenging some of the tried and true principles of organizational leadership, structure, process, and behavior. In 2012 their collaboration came together in their book, Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World.  In 2014, they launched their consulting firm together, Culture That Works LLC, helping organizations build stronger cultures for better performance.